Monday, November 19, 2012

Department of Filk: Moria

It's been a while since I've written any new filksongs, but this one came to me today and I'm recording it for posterity.  There is, I believe, some disagreement as to the correct pronunciation of the title.  I've always pronounced it "Mo-RYE-uh", but I've also heard it as "MOR-ee-ya".  And I think Professor Tolkien pronounced it "Mo-REE-ah" and got annoyed when people said it differently.  In any case, the song won't rhyme if you say it the other way, so there we are.

Maestro, a little music please.

(to the tune of "They Call the Wind Mariah")

The dwarves have names they do not tell
For steel and forge and fire.
Their mountain home is Khazad-dum
But the elves call it Moria.

Moria's halls wind dark and deep,
Within the mountain's bowels;
The names of those who in them sleep
Have hardly any vowels.

Moria, Moria,
They call the pit Moria

Long, long ago in Durin's day
These mines the dwarves did settle;
Deep, deep they delved Moria's mines
And found the mithril metal.

But then, alas, too deep they delved,
For mithril, so alluring;
Until they woke the baneful blight
That proved the doom of Durin.

Moria, Moria.
They call the pit Moria

The dwarves have names for fire and forge
And others they ain't telling;
But there's no curses strong enough
For the Bane in Durin's Dwelling.

And someday they'll reclaim their land,
And purge it from all terror;
Moria call your kinfolk home,
For there's no cavern fairer.

Moria, Moria
They call the pit Moria.