About Kurt Wilcken

In my Secret Identity, I am a Ninja Cartoonist.  I live in the Enchanted Land-O-Cheese along with my wife, Lute; my daughters Gamera Rose and Little Rodan; two cats, two birds, several fish, a snake and a bushel-full of ferrets.

I used to contribute a RPG column titled "Live and Let Dice" (some of which are archived here) for Pop Thought, another spawn of Alex's imagination, now sadly deceased; and I've done illustrations for a couple of his other projects, including A Life of Ravens.

I currently write and draw a weekly webcomic titled HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE for my own website: Kurtoons Online, where you can also find other deranged doodlings of mine.

I also write a weekly blog about some of my favorite science fiction books at the progressive blogsite Daily Kos.  You can find my blogposts listed on this Nifty Sci-Fi/Fantasy Index

And I live for feedback.

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