Dark Redemption Index

Dark Redemption was originally an online role-playing game started by James Crowther (aka Jex, Lord Featherbunny) which sort of evolved into a shared-world novel about a city inhabited by urban werewolves and club-hopping vampires.  On this blog I am serializing my own part of the story, involving a half-human exile from the Faerie Courts and a curious reporter.

Chapter 1:  Stopping By for Tea
Chapter 2:  Connections
Chapter 3:  Meeting Melchior
Chapter 4:  Of Fae and Ferrous Metal
Chapter 5:  Temptation
Chapter 6:  Table for Two
Chapter 7:  Who Let the Dogs Out?
Chapter 8:  Bedside Manner
Chapter 9:  What Dreams May Come
Chapter 10:  Breakfast on the Grill
Chapter 11:  What a Swell Party This Is
Chapter 12:  Networking
Chapter 13:  All Alone In a Crowded Room
Chapter 14:  Exclusive Scoop
Chapter 15:  Smooth Operetta
Chapter 16:  The Most Dangerous Game
Chapter 17:  Questions in a Cubicle
Chapter 18:  Taxicab Digressions
Chapter 19:  Cocoa
Chapter 20:  T.L.C.
Chapter 21:  A Foot in the Door
Chapter 22:  A Half-Hour With Miss Cooper
Chapter 23:  Just Trying to Help
Chapter 24:  Goldilocks
Chapter 25:  Tutorial
Chapter 26:  Iced Cappuccinette
Chapter 27:  Interview With a Vampiress
Chapter 28:  Right to Know?
Chapter 29:  Bangers and Fettuccini
Chapter 30:  Ghosts and Guilt
Chapter 31:  Friendlee Conversation
Chapter 32:  Psychology 101
Chapter 33:  Spirit is Willing
Chapter 34:  Some Of My Best Friends Are Dead
Chapter 35:  My Favorite Bathtime Gurgles
Chapter 36:  New Girl on the Features Desk
Chapter 37:  With Regards to the Culture Claque
Chapter 38:  Into the Woods
Chapter 39:  Hospitality
Chapter 40:  Bad Tidings
Chapter 41:  Witch at Work
Chapter 42:  Reconnaissance Report
Chapter 43:  ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Chapter 44:  The Banshee Sings
Chapter 45:  Things Base and Vial
Chapter 46:  Fume, Fume, Fume
Chapter 47:  Business Luncheon
Chapter 48:  Dangerous Dreams
Chapter 49:  Comparing Notes
Chapter 50:  I'm Sorry to Interrupt, He Lied
Chapter 51:  Accepting Rides From Strangers
Chapter 52:  Tea At The Vicarage
Chapter 53:  Everything Is Connected
Chapter 54:  Wolf in the Fold
Chapter 55:  Soap and Opera
Chapter 56:  Judgement
Chapter 57:  Heart to Heart
Chapter 58:  Weighing Options
Chapter 59:  Into the Lioness' Den
Chapter 60:  Three's a Crowd
Chapter 61:  Strolling Through the Park
Chapter 62:  Out in the Open
Chapter 63:  Strephon's Story
Chapter 64:  Strephons' Story, Concluded
Chapter 65:  Moving On
Chapter 66:  Second Thoughts
Chapter 67:  Three's A Charm
Chapter 68:  Unwanted Advances
Chapter 69:  Guardian Angel
Chapter 70:  There Is Yet Hope

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