Saturday, November 15, 2014

Department of Filk: The Literary Mack the Knife

Okay, dipping once again into the Filk file for a bit of literary silliness.  Swing it, Satchmo!

The Literary Mack the Knife
(tune:  "Mack the Knife" (of course!))

Oh the Shark has
Pretty teeth, dear
And he shows them
Pearly white,
You won't meet him
In the bookstore
But you might meet
Mack the Knife

When the shark bites
With his teeth, dear
Scarlet billows
'Gin to spread;
MacHeath’s lethal
Like the shark, dear,
But he's also
Quite well-read

By the shores of
Used to go;
Now Nikomis
Sits there weeping;
Mack please say it
Isn't so...

Once upon a
Midnight dreary,
Weak and weary,
Pondered I;
Is that tapping
Just a raven
Or is Mackie
Stopping by...?

Mistress Em'ly
Belle of Amherst
Once sat writing
After tea;
"Since I could not
Stop for Death, dear,
Mack, he kindly
Stopped for me..."

It was Brillig,
Slithy Toves did
Gyre and Gimble
In the Wabe
Vorpal Mack went
Snicker-snack, dear
Jabberwock lay
There outgabe...

Captain Ahab,
That fanatic
Sought to kill that
Monster whale;
But who really
Sank the Pequod?
Mack says "Call me

Once an Old Man
Caught a “Beeg Feesh”
As he struggled
‘Gainst the Sea;
When the sharks bit,
With their teeth, dear,
Mack said “Leave a
Bite for me!”

Rev'rend Dimsdale,
Sinning Hester,
Justice Pynchon
Sweet Goodman Brown
Mister Hawthorne
Set them up, dear,
But our Mackie,
Mowed 'em down.

Our great authors
Wrote us stories
Full of death as
Well as life;
Don’t be napping
While in Lit Class
Or you might miss
Mack the Knife!

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